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  • Do you have what it takes? Common pitfalls & delusions about pro-makeup artistry

  • Certification: To pursue? or pass?

  • Job discovery: Beyond the beauty counter, beyond the salon

  • Knowing your references: Historical icons and periods in makeup

  • Who's who? Identifying genuine industry pros and why you should follow them

  • The art, design, and science of a good makeup

  • Color Theory: The basic science of color mixing

  • Sanitary sampling practices

  • Anatomy of the face: creating beauty and balance

  • Organizing your kit for ease and workflow

  • Skin: types, texture, mature, ethnic

  • Product overview: Formulas, powders, creams, liquids, pigments....making the correct choices. Become a mix master.

  • Tools: brushes and their care

  • Color Theory advanced:corrective makeup, tattoo cover, birthmarks

  • Contouring/ highlighting/ sculpting (shading/countershading)

  • Eye shapes, shadow, techniques, liner, false lash application, brows

  • Building a pro-worthy kit: the essentials, cases, types, how to travel

  • Lips: Product types, creating balance, tricks, trends, and textures

  • Facial features: basic makeup precepts and how to choose the best features

  • Brides: product choices, booking tools, systems

  • Print: Lighting in and out of the studio, product faux pas, working with a photographer

  • Film: The lingo, negotiation, what to expect, set etiquette 

  • Mens Grooming for print and film

  • Airbrush: what is available, industry favorites, formulations, solvents, breakdown, care, technique

  • Finding work as a makeup artist and keeping the flow

  • Branding, marketing, pricing, systems, & network building

  • Agencies: how an agency works and how to find representation

  • Runway makeup

  • Editorial study

  • Trends: creativity building skills

  • Creating a beautiful face chart

If you don't see what you want to learn listed here, don't worry, I can probably teach you that too or point you in the right direction.

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